Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letter or Sticky note

I continue to be amazed at the number of comments and emails I get from this damn blog - that I pay barely any attention to.   Having received another email this morning and a comment over the weekend, it occurred to me that I gain more amusement in this alone, than I do in the entire Facebook empire.  So thank you (and you know who you are) - for that!

Nothing wrong with Facebook. I will admit to stopping by around once a week just to see what family are up to and I usually can find out what friends are doing, too.  I found out alot of things I really don't want to know, in addition.   I will admit to needing to "tidy up" my friend list, because the amount of mind numbing minutia that passes over my screen is a large part of what keeps me away and fighting back the yawns and eye rolls each time I visit.  Or maybe I need a better class of "friends" ?  LOL If you are reading this post - this isn't you ;)

I have had my fun there, but it's been awhile since I posted anything there even worth commenting on.  The point of it all gets so lost on me.   Does anyone really care that I am sitting at a stop light watching a guy shave?  Will the world leap off its axis if I don't tell everyone I know that I cannot find a candle I bought 6 months ago? Or maybe space and time will stop as we know it, if I don't  post "GO HAWKS" or "GO PACK" each time there is a football game? 

Fair is fair, however.  The flip side to this is there are a number of things people post that I find quite valuable, thought provoking and worth reading.  Updates on friends and family are one of my main reasons for stopping back.  It is also a great place to get information to or from people quickly.  The hilariousness of some of the comments and conversations also keep me coming back - if only once a week at that.  There are also Facebook accounts that track a health issue, great cause or an issue people want to follow and support.  Beyond these things, however, (and these things are normally in the minority of what gets up there and people follow) Facebook is just kinda lost on me! 

My blog list, aside from one blog, is a graveyard now.  Blogs left in the dust for the immediate gratification of Facebook.  I did it too...  But, I must admit I miss the days of sitting at my computer with a cup of coffee in the morning reading a more personal approach to the goings on in people's life.   I also miss sitting down and writing a few good paragraphs about things that cross my mind.  Facebook is a such a pared down "sped up" version of that.  It's like a letter in your mailbox vs a sticky note stuck to the side of it on a windy day :)

Blog vs Facebook?  Can't say I would take one OVER the other, especially when 3/4 of family and friends are there -  you have to run with the pack a little if you want to keep up with the race.  But, not lost on me is the fact that this little unimportant, (rarely posted to) blog still generates emails, comments, and opinions... while my Facebook posts, no matter how valuable - are as good as gone and forgotten after one day.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony, OJ and other things :)


I have no idea if I even have one follower at this point! So many things happen in a days time and I think, " Gosh, that would be a great blog entry!" In light of what I just saw on FACEBOOK after logging in for the first time... in a long while...I feel inspired.

Hell yes, she is guilty. However, I am becoming more offended by the throngs of people that want to kill her, kill her defense team, kill her parents and kill the jurors. It is such an oxy-moron. Kill HER and everyone around her because a child died. And, yes, the graphic truth is that a child did die. But now the people who want justice for Caylee want everyone to die. ?

Most of the stories with regard to the missing and strange, however, didn't grab our attention. There are children all over this country that are killed and beaten EVERY day by the PARENT on the job. By the parent they trust. Society has latched onto the Anthony case due to a few early factors, that every missing case has. This is ONE story in one million. It happened to make the news.

There are hundreds of story's, however, that did not land so "interesting" on "Anytown USA".

This life is not for us to judge - but to enjoy and learn from each other, whether we agree or not, we are all in the same shoes at some point, or relative...if we have the eye's to see. Anyway!

I have not killed anyone, and am not just hawked from prison ...but I am thinking seriously about making a Spam Pie. Yeah. Who could have thought in a million years, but dammit JIM! I have a recipe for SPAM PIE.

Dean, any thoughts?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh blogger...

I got an email that someone left a message on one of my posts. Albeit a stranger, I couldn't believe anyone still stops in on this thing! That said, as always it renews my interest (or maybe reminds my interest is a better way to say it) and here I am!

I am a pathetic blogger! There is a Seinfeld episode where Jerry is at the airport to pick up the rental car he reserved. The lady at the counter tells him there are no cars available. Long story short, his rant was, "Oh sure you can TAKE the reservation (as he waves his hands around in the air) you just don't know how to KEEP the reservation!"

That's me in blog-land....I love to READ all the blogs, and I even love to KEEP my own blog....I just don't know how to POST to a blog!!! LOL

So, I won't make another excuse and promise to be better! I am what I am! I will make a date with this thing in the next few days to share the recent goings on!

Happy January 13, 2011!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the Peripheral

Peripheral: adj - Concerned with the comparatively superficial or not really essential aspects of the subject or matter in question. Un-important, non-essential, sideline or secondary.

I feel peripheral right now. A part - but somewhat non-essential. Outside looking in. I guess I shouldn't be surprised...I carefully created it, so I better learn to love it. I am finding "un-complicating your life" can lead to the feelings of floating around in the periphery - for awhile at least.

Old habits sure die hard.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time, again...

Happy Fall! Where does the time go? This is proving to be a more valuable lesson to me everyday. Time (and I touch on this from time to time ;-)

Every once in awhile I find myself living for the destination instead of the journey. Ever feel that way? Where that voice track spins up and tells you, "Well, get through this week and it will be fine." or "Once today is over I can forget about this..." or I used to say, "Once I lose 10 pounds I will be happier..." Even after my mammoth health scare in 2007, I found myself living in a void of time, just waiting to be on the other side. Waiting to be on the other side of whatever situation I was in, because surely THEN my life would begin and be happier than I have ever known. But, that sense of arriving at the destination never really quite takes shape, so I have found.

As I continue to learn more and more about myself (which is a journey, within a journey, maturity brings on more change) I am continually reminded of the importance of being IN the moment. Tomorrow will have worries, issues and blessings all its own (the Bible even tells us this), and we have only enough "power" for one day. If we are just in TODAY - we have enough power. Life is not so taxing, there is TIME to notice things around you and there is more time to enjoy things.

We finally took a much needed vacation a couple weeks ago and spent it on the motorcycle in northern Wisconsin/Lake Superior and then down along the coast to Green Bay, then Door County. I have said this a million times in this blog, but it is worth dinging that bell again. The thing I love most about a motorcycle ride is that it is less about the destination and more about the journey. As we were riding along, day after day that week, we never really knew where we were going to end up, we were just thrilled to be on the journey and took in each moment after moment- of beauty, surprise and absolute wonder of what was coming next!

I think this is how we are meant to live every day. Not focusing on where you are going, but focusing on what is happening around us on our journey -sans destination. When I consider everything I have 'missed' in my life, it doesn't necessarily make me sad, but I think the realization makes me want to be better at throwing the light off of me and shining it somewhere else.

Well, I will set that to the side, for now! Aside from our vacation, we are settling into fall quite nicely! I am thrilled that I am not dreading winter this year. I had that going on last year, and I think I figured out why, so I suppose that was a small conquered mountain. (and here I go about "time" again) But, it is pointless to DREAD anything, you have to be in it whether you dread it or not. That said, I have a welcoming feeling when I think of Old Man winter, and I hope I can find new ways to enjoy it this year.

One great thing about winter is the plowing of the roads! Why you ask, is this so tantalizing? Because, I had my "every 6 week flat tire" again, last week. I am hoping, beyond hope, that with some added road "maintenance" it will plow away the debris that no doubt falls off the truck- loads of junk people take to the landfill. I must be a magnet for these spiky little delights! I did manage to find an alternate route to work, which does not take me by the turn off to the landfill - but, I am so programmed to go the other way, that if I am not reciting "Centennial Road" in my head up until I get to the place I turn - I, inevitably, will go the way my "rat-in-a cage mind" is programmed to go. Who gets a flat tire every 6 weeks?

Good gravy! Have a great weekend! Go Hawks! Go Pack! Go Cyclones (I have to say that now!)
Pictures from vacation will be forthcoming!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Ride

I have been taking a camera along on the back of the bike and have been capturing alot of what I already know...we live in a gorgeous part of the country.....this is a snip of my Labor Day weekend!

Boarding the Cassville Ferry to cross the Mississippi:

Mark on the other side. I have no clue what he is saying!

The ritual of touching the Mighty Mississippi!

Mark's brother and his wife...and the HD Screaming Eagle - not a subtle bike!

The wonder along the way:

What a great weekend!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Glossed Over: Nordic Fest

WHELP! It was brought to my attention by one of my dysfunctional, yet lovable friends that I never mentioned....NORDIC FEST in my blog! ( I think its because we have pictures! Janeen, Lisa and me, above)

For those who know the "MESS", and live here, it is what it is. For those that don't, it is an opportunity to experience an awesome Nordic Heritage, (my heritage). Back in the day, my parents were a HUGE part of Nordic Fest. My dad would perform hours and hours of his accordion and fiddle music with his band and my mother spent hours making lefse, in the window of the local store. My memories of the FEST are up close and personal.

Now, since Mom and Dad are gone, it has become more a venue to connect with OLD friends from high school, get hit on by people who were HOT in high school, but are now struggling for their manhood and eligibility and copious amounts of Norwegian Food, for which I love!

And, finally, a FIST FIGHT in the local bar, is always an attraction! Nothing spells "eligible bachelor" like getting yanked out of a bar by the local P.D., and reaching and yelling back at us as though we will be there waiting for you tomorrow. I adored that!

That said, I adore Decorah, Nordic Fest and all it represents! I am forever grateful to the fireman who was asking for I.D.s at the beer tent. I didn't have mine and he would not let me in!! Really? I don't look old enough? Screw the wristband, buddy! TELL ME MORE!!!
But, thanks, Janeen for stealing a wristband off the table, while I tried half heartedly to convince him I am ...um 40 SOMETHING!